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Friday, June 17, 2016

Sick in Paris, yuck.

I just realized today is my half-birthday. 25.5.
Sucky day to celebrate though because today... (graphic, read on at own "ew" risk) I woke up with what I assume has been food poisoning. Probably from the combo of pizza and beer last night. Throw-up count is 4 (3am, 4am, 9:30am, 4pm) and my stomach was empty-empty when last I saw its contents (water). I've been dizzy all day and my muscles feel super weak and useless. I'm at a hostel now, and a very nice Argentinian woman bought me gatorade, which has helped. A French woman also gave me some strong paracetamol and stomach spasm medicine. I laid down on a couch in the hostel (room wasn't ready yet) for several hours midday. No lunch.
Tried to have the tiniest bit of banana and that was a trigger on my poor stomach. Last explusion seems to have helped my dizziness, and I now have a bed (bunk, so gotta be careful) so I'm down for the next ___ hours. Didn't get to see the Brooks family today on account of trying to not feel like death.
Being sick sucks, but the positive thoughts are 1. I've learned I don't give a $hit what strangers think of me, 2. I'm able to be respectful even when I'm white as a ghost and lacking stomach bile, 3. People are super nice, just, there are really good people all around. 4. I'm in this hostel until Sunday morning when I'm planning on going to Monaco, but nothing is booked, so travel-freedom has taken that pressure off my mind, 5. This hostel is clean and the hosts are very helpful. Carried my dumbass huge purple backpack up the stairs for me and let me sleep on the couch for those hours. 6. I don't honestly care if I don't see all the sites on Paris. Which I may well not. I got to Notre Dame. Yes the Eiffel Tower is special, but I won't cry about not getting to see it on this trip. I'll be in Europe again soon when I live here.
Stay hydrated and healthy my friends,

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