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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Before Europe post

Place-marker post

planning, lack of planning, ready for Europe post

Bangkok, Thailand - April 2016

Place-marker post

return to Bangkok for another PD conference - NESA
NGSS notes (attach)

running in Lumpini Park
NESA group

Khaosan Road
river park

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Place-marker post

Parts of this post coming soon....
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Bicycle tour
Making decisions
Group dinner
Over the club scene?


Chiang Mai, Thailand - Understanding by Design PD

Place-marker post

PD UbD - Jay McTighe

Chiang Mai video!

Doha, Qatar & Dubai, UAE

Place-marker post

Doha with family December 2015 / New Years in Dubai / return to Doha

Doha/Dubai trip video

Best Travel Photo from the Trip Challenge (2011-2016)

One photo. That's the challenge. Sum up a whole trip with a single photograph. (Not individual cities or places, the WHOLE TRIP.)

*A trip is defined as the time between leaving your place of residence and returning to that same residence.*
**Hint: Look at the cover photos you used for trip albums on Facebook.**
***It doesn't have to be a photo with you in it, mine just happened to be.***







Summer - Europe...TBP(to be posted)

Post your photo list! You've been challenged!

Happy teaching and traveling,
- Christina

For the love of maps

Basically I love maps, and compasses. There is something so intriguing about seeing the world on paper in front of you and being able to chart the places you've been. Speaking of, I love making maps of my travels. 

You can use this site to make a map of your travels: It is really easy because you just click on the country (or check off the name).
Here's mine (link): CK map May2016

I've made a bunch of maps over the years, but this one is probably the most detailed: Where in the World is Christina? map

My map of where I go in Europe will come out after my backpacking adventure there this summer (2016!).

Make maps of your own travels! Share them!

Happy teaching and traveling,