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Friday, November 20, 2015

Reading Workshop - November 2015

Hi all,

So this post is about the Reading Workshop from TCRWP.  It was new this year for K-2, and our group jumped right in. In November 2015, a colleague and I presented at a district professional development conference. Our presentation focused on introducing Reading Workshop to fellow teachers, drawing on our 1.5 months of experience using it in our own classrooms. I've included two of the classroom videos used in the presentation. (Since November, our Reading Workshop structure has changed a bit - more groups, less individual, and less note-taking.)

At school, the Grade 1 teachers and our Literary Coordinator presented "Story Night Snuggles" in mid November. This is an annual reading event to help parents learn how to read at home with their student.

All about reading today! Enjoy! Thanks for watching!

Reading Workshop classroom video CK

Reading Workshop classroom video KW

Reading Workshop workshop presentation

"Story Night Snuggles" 2015

Happy teaching and traveling,
- Christina

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