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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Upcoming travel plans - 2015-2016

Just to note what's coming up:

December 2015/January 2016 - Qatar and UAE with family!
I'm staying local since my winter break is only 2 weeks and it'll be nice to show some family members around my side of the world.

January 2016 - Thailand.
I'll be jetting back to Thailand for another teacher conference. Another quick one. Professional conferences/trainings are often in Thailand because it is pretty centrally located for Asian international schools.

February 2016 - I have a long weekend break....somewhere.
As of this moment I have no set plans, though I had a crazy idea that involved flying to Zurich, skiing under the Matterhorn, then getting back to Saudi for class on Sunday. That's a little too wild, even for me. So I'll be searching for a quick trip. I've been really wanting to ski, but that might just have to wait until...

March/April 2016 - Spring Break for 2 weeks...somewhere.
I don't have plans yet but this certainly a better option time-wise if I want to ski in the Alps. The season will be nearly over so if I time it right, I can possibly get off-season prices. But going to central Europe for 10 days (because I'm going to do time on the sides, unlike last year) is going to be pricey and I'm not sure I want to spend the money in the spring or wait for...

Summer 2016 (June-August) - Europe!
I'm going to backpack Europe. Plans are going to just be an inbound city and an outbound city, otherwise I'm going to wander. I'm an absolute planner and after this past summer in the USA, Indonesia, and Australia I learned that I want to be a more flexible traveler. It would have been nice to just pick up and leave once I didn't like Bali, or stay in Yogyakarta a few more days. So I'm going to try it. No plan, just me on the ground in Europe. I figure Europe is a great place to try to push my travel comfort-zone since I've been there before and the "summer backpacking Europe" cliche is a cliche for a reason. So that's the plan. I'll also be on a tighter budget than this past summer because I'll need to spend as I go, instead of booking in advance. Luckily I'll take very few flights and a lot of trains or buses, so that will cut costs (and I've always liked being able to say I can travel cheaply).

August 2016 - At the end of the summer I'll be going back to Saudi Arabia for (what I'm planning on being) my last year there. Then it will be job hunting time! Also saving money time! So 2016-2017 will be less travel-intensive, and I think that after these coming months (above) I'll be okay with the break. Then again maybe I'll just travel more locally and see all the Saudi spots while I can. Place your bets, haha.

Happy teaching and traveling!

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