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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Melbourne, Australia - The Return

Melbourne video is here! I'm sorry it is long (1 hour!), and there is a lot of talking. I didn't spend much time editing.

I love Melbourne. I studied abroad here in 2011. I was happy to be back. Also my best friend lives here. The trip was like any trip - good and bad. Overall I'm glad I got to be nostalgic and revisit some spots. I didn't see as much as I'd planned/hoped, but those spots aren't going anywhere. I've learned to travel with the mindset that if I don't see it this time, I'll see it next time. It has lessened my travel vs. tourist stress soooo much.

Oh and I got a tattoo. Yay!

More coming eventually.. as always.
(Old SKYDIVING VIDEO!!!! From 2011...)

Check out the photos below!

Best friends from study abroad reunite at Federation Square!

Biking in Melbourne's CBD

My first tattoo, from Green Lotus Custom Tattoo Studio, Melbourne

Melbourne, early evening

Melbourne, early evening


Revisiting my favorite exhibit in the Melbourne Museum

Now (Aug 2015) and then (Feb 2011), over the Yarra River

Over the Yarra River

Visiting The University of Melbourne. Notice my fashion choices, haha! Bali pants with a winter coat!

Walking and talking near UniMelb

He graduated!

Yarra Valley, north of Melbourne

Deciding on fancy cheeses, in the Yarra Valley

Saying farewell to Kakadu friends who also came to Melbourne! (Vera and Kathi) - notice the outfit differences - hot to cold! At Southern Cross station

Happy teaching and traveling!
- Christina

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