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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Winter in Saudi Arabia

Hi all,

So this post is about what "winter" was like in Saudi Arabia. I'm referring to November - February. Basically it was perfect temperature. Some days it was more windy, we had a few sandy days, a bit of sporadic rain (story coming about my first day of U14 soccer trials), but overall I was soooo glad to skip the grey, wet, cold winter I've been used to in Virginia.

It was also nice to get back to Saudi and just know what I was doing! I knew my students, I knew my classroom, I'd made some changes I was going to implement in January but overall I came back with an attitude of, "oh, I know what I'm doing." For instance, the first night back a group of us from the compound just went shopping at Panda, easy.

The last of the new teachers FINALLY arrived and we all had several outdoor get-togethers to hang out and enjoy everyone's company.

I'll try to post some stories and photos about winter in Saudi soon, including
- first day of U14 soccer trials
- unexpected day off

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