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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Travel plans for the rest of 2015

Hi all,

So I wanted to write a post to just let you know what my travel plans are for the rest of 2015. Some are tentative and some I'm packing for right now!

Summer 2015:
- Indonesia
- Australia
- back home to Saudi Arabia

Fall 2015 (tentative):
- Germany
- Thailand (conference)

Winter 2015/2016 (tentative):
- Saudi Arabia - Red Sea side
- Qatar
- U.A.E. - mainly Dubai

That's what's in the works. I'm hoping to have some friends and/or family members join me on some of these trips. I'll try to post more often about these trips.

Lastly, I wanted to share that I BOUGHT A GO PRO HERO 4 SILVER! I'm so stoked to try this camera out on my summer travels and I can't wait to post the photos to show you.

Happy teaching and traveling!
- Christina

On a ferry in Istanbul

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