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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Petra, Jordan

Hi all,

So in February our school had a 3-day weekend scheduled. Well what do international school teachers do with a 3-day weekend? TRAVEL! Two teacher friends (a couple) from the school are leaving at the end of this year so they wanted to take advantage of being in the Middle East for a few more months. They suggested going to Petra on the long weekend. "Why not!?" I thought.

I set about making the arrangements and it ended up being 5 of us going - the teacher couple, me, and two teacher friends I'd also traveled to Oman with.

I'll post more about our adventures and mishaps in Jordan soon (including photos), including...
- there is a snowstorm so no buses are going from Amman to Petra
- winging it at the airport
- a long, snowy drive
- we made it to Petra! The Treasury
Here's my video of The Treasury at Petra! It's awesome! Go see it in person!
- snowstorm = games by the heater
- Little Petra
Here's my video of Little Petra (part of it). Enjoy!
- Jordanian hospitality and warmth
- the climb to The Monastery
- back to Amman and home to Saudi

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