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Saturday, June 13, 2015

GAFE Summit in Bahrain

Hi all,

So I realized after this conference in Bahrain that every month so far this year (2015) I've been to another country/used my passport.

January - Mexico
February - Jordan
March - Turkey
April - Bahrain

Admittedly Bahrain is pretty easy to get to since it's just across the causeway from Khobar, so many folks drive over there for a regular weekend, but I hadn't been since the Abu Dhabi/Oman trip in October, and that was just for a day.

The reason I was going to Bahrain this time was to attend a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Summit hosted at an international school in Manama. I went over with several other primary teachers and we met up with many other teachers from our school and district.

This was my first professional conference it was a nice start, just a 2-day event a few hours drive away. It was also nice to just have a break from Saudi and get inspired about ways to use Google in the classroom.

I'll add more about the ideas I really took away from this conference soon, and photos, including
- The Gulf Hotel is stunning
- Google is chockablock with ideas
- utilizing space for efficiency and effective teaching
- easy coding games that are fun for everyone / the right level of challenge and success
- teaching with YouTube
- inspirational schools setting the tone for education in the future

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