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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Colorado ski adventure, USA

Hi all,

So this Christmas I went out to Colorado where my Aunt and her family live. My little brother joined me there, taking his first flight! My cousins are into skiing and snowboarding so we went up to Silverthorne, north of Denver, for a ski holiday including Christmas. It was a blast. We even spent an afternoon painting!

So after a few days in Denver, my cousins, brother, and I packed up the SUV and headed up to Silverthorne. We left in the evening, planning to beat a snowstorm. Well the storm met us on the highway. If you’ve never driven in snow (which I luckily have, and I wasn’t driving, cousin #1 was), it’s basically like driving at warp speed (*Star Trek) - flakes flying and it feels like you are going faster than you really are. I’m thankful cousin #1 is a very skilled snow-driver, he handled it like the Colorado pro that he is. We actually made good time and the storm had faded by morning. 

I had missed real snow. Living in the desert it was a welcome sight waking up to this winter wonderland a few days before Christmas. Then we went ice skating!


The next day we picked up ski and snowboard gear and then drove out to the ski resort. Colorado is simply gorgeous. Photos describe it better than words. 

I have skied before (notably a “bunny-hills” resort in West Virginia, a premier resort in The German Alps, and a local spot in the Czech wilderness), but that was 2012. I definitely needed to get my ski-legs back. A few easy runs and I was back in the groove. My brother had never been snowboarding before (he’d opted for it instead of skiing because of his long-boarding experience), but after a few falls it was clear that he has some natural talent. He also really enjoyed getting used to it and had a great attitude about all the tumbles he took. 




I found a run that was just gorgeous. Very winter-wilderness. Silly one that I am, I took to playing “Let It Go” from Frozen in my head as I raced down it. Haha. 

We skied every day for 4 days, including Christmas. One day my brother and I went up to one of the top runs, a medium level one. He’d gotten up the guts to try it and I was certainly feeling confident in my skiing abilities. We took this photo at the top, and though he fell a few times, it was a great run down. I do really like skiing, though the boots destroy my ankles. My aunt recommended getting custom boots, so perhaps when I live in a more mountainous location I will. 

In the evenings we relaxed in the cabin’s hot tub, chatted about life, and just hung out. It was really nice to have this time with my cousins, especially since I hadn’t spent much time with then in the last few years. My brother being out there was also more fun. All 3 have very young, “enjoy life” attitudes and like to be active. I enjoyed having a white Christmas (since they are rare in Virginia) and the whole trip was a fun adventure. I’ll definitely be back to Colorado and I’d love to spend more time exploring the Rockies. 

Thanks for reading, happy teaching and traveling!

- Christina

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